Wednesday, 3 February 2010

Does your Local keep a good Pint??

A few points on serving a good pint -

- Cleaning beer lines every 5 days following correct procedures eliminates yeast build up in the beer lines. Every new barrel on should also have the beer lines cleaned even if its the same beer that's being put back on. This can be a problem in a busy pub but should be done to maintain a high standard for the beer.

- Ensuring the cellar is at the correct temperature 11‐13°C. This will mean the beer should also be a perfect temperature being not too warm or too cold but just right 11‐13°C when being dispensed.

- Order the correct sized barrel, the given is all beer should be sold within 3 days of opening.

- Have the correct number of beers on Tap. If a pub isn't known for its Ale it should only have one rather than 3 so that the one is drunk and so keeps fresh. One good ale is better than a choice of 3 bad ones.

- Tilting or Stooping a beer this should be done carefully 3 inches raised at the back or lowered at the front.

- Sampling beers for clarity, aroma and taste after tapping and each day before serving. Always sample from the cask before connecting the beer lines. Then again before serving the new barrel to a customer. A good landlord will always (after checking) give this sample to a regular ready to order their next pint.

More information can be found on the Cask Marque and Cask Force websites.

Cask Marque offer cellar management training.

If you have any further tips please add comments to this post.

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