Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Fyne Ales - New Seasonal ale JARL

To be Launched at the Beer Fest, Saturday 19th June

To celebrate the Beer Fest, Fyne Ales are launching a new seasonal beer - Jarl.
This is their first single hopped beer (using the same hop for bittering as for aroma) and it is produced with the latest American hop Citra. They recently tasted it from their fermentor, describing it with a fantastic aroma, with LOADS of tangerine and tropical fruits. At 4.0% abv it should be easy drinking too.
The reason for the name (pronounced Yarl) is that this beer is replacing Somerled in their seasonal line up. Somerled as you may know was one of the rulers of their part of Scotland in the dim & distant past, and the Jarl's were the Viking Earls who were contenders for power at the same time. They thought they'd see how they stacked up against each other........

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Live Beer Appreciation WebTV Show

On Monday 21st June, the Beer Academy is producing a live webTV show all about how to find the perfect ale. Beer expert Kamini Dickie and Dr George Philliskirk from the Beer Academy will let you into the secrets of the perfect pint with a live beer tasting class! From matching beer to accompany food as well, we also want to counter act the general assumption that beer is unhealthy, antisocial and fattening, and instead highlight the fact that it is part of Great British heritage.

The show will be live and interactive, so people can send in questions ahead of the show and also during the live show, via this link: Once it has taken place, it will be available to view on demand indefinitely on the same link. Have a look below, and remember to tune in at 3pm on Monday 21st June!


Beer Appreciation Masterclass

Log onto our live WebTV show with beer connoisseur Kamini Dickie and Dr George Philliskirk for help finding the perfect ale

Chat date: Monday 21st June

Chat time: 3pm

On a hot summer’s day there’s nothing better than a refreshing beer to cool us down. But do you often find a trip down the pub with your friends leaves you sticking to the same tipple, purely because you have no idea what the difference is between an ale and a larger and don’t want to risk a bad pint? Or maybe you dismiss it based on the myths around it being bad for your health? When in fact, when drunk in moderation there are several health benefits.

If so you might be one of the millions of Brits missing out on the truly phenomenal range of beers now on the market. So how do you open your mind and palate to what else is on offer?

Just like wine varieties, there’s a staggering array of beer to match anyone’s taste. And what about finding the perfect beer to match the perfect meal?

Well, if you want some help in your quest to find the perfect summer ale then log onto our live WebTV Show where beer expert Kamini Dickie and Dr George Philliskirk from the Beer Academy will let you into the secrets of the perfect pint with a live beer tasting class.

Kamini Dickie and Dr George Philliskirk join us live online at on Monday 21st June at 3pm to give you their top tips for finding the perfect beer.

Click here to submit questions before the chat

For more information visit

Posted by Kitty Irby