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Where to find real ales in Twickenham - Carlo Guest blogger

Where to find real ales in Twickenham

Real ales are a long standing tradition in this country. The influx of European lagers has made the likes of Heineken and Becks hugely popular drinks. But when it comes to a drink of pure Britishness - you can’t go wrong with traditional real ale.
There are all sorts of real ales out there. These range from the popular big-name brands found all over the country, right down to locally brewed tipples that people flock from miles around to come and have a taste of.
To try every real ale in the country would be something of a challenge. Some people make it their life’s ambition to try as many as possible, heading to all corners of the country in search of new and exciting drinks.
If you are thinking about embarking on a sort of real ale quest, it is best to start small and take it slowly. Otherwise there could be some alcohol related mishaps. For many, a good place to start is England’s home of rugby – Twickenham.
Twickenham, and its pubs, is rugby through and through. And as a result it is awash with real ales, each one offering something different.
To accommodate the hoards of rugby fans that arrive in Twickenham each rugby season, there is a whopping 19 pubs in this relatively small town in the suburbs of West London.
Not all of them offer a decent selection of real ales, with many catering for the Friday and Saturday night crowd, which is not known for its cask ale appreciation.
But the ones that do offer real ales usually have an impressive selection to choose from. And remember, if you are spoilt for choice and simply cannot decide, most pubs will be happy to offer you a free sample to help with the decision making process. But which are the best of the best in Twickenham?
The Old Goat is a little out of the way, located about a ten minute walk from the familiar high street that most rugby fans won’t leave all day.
But if you have a little time on your hands, make the ten minute walk to The Old Goat. It is more than worth the time it takes to get there, as this pub offers one of the most extensive beer and real ale menus in Twickenham.
The fridges are stocked full of rare European lagers not seen in most pubs, and on the bar there are so many real ale taps you might have a mild panic attack.
If you want to stay a little closer to the high street, and the rail station, take a wander down to the river. The White Swan is located just off the high street, and overlooks some of the most beautiful parts of the river Thames.
Real ales on offer here include a couple of other locally-brewed tipples. If you prefer a dark-coloured, malty ale then try Original, which offers a rich, chocolaty flavour.

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