Saturday, 28 June 2014

King Charles II - Worcester

A pub that boats beautiful history and elegance in its tradition. A vast variety of beers on offer but the friendly staff are keen to offer samples so you get your pint just right. And right it was! Lovely bright pints, fruity and light yet tasty and bold. This pub is owned by its brewery and is a well kept local gem.

The Swan and Two Nicks - Worcester

The Swan and Two Nicks - Worcester

A very welcoming pub in the heart of historic Worcester. The welcoming staff introduced their delicious beers and did not disappoint on quality. A good variety of beers with atmospheric delight to please all. An arcade table for the kids (yes we had a game of PAC man) and a cocktail bar upstairs.

As two young bods in this traditional pub, we are questioned as to the meaning of "three score years and ten" by a friendly local. Lacking knowledge we retreat to the comfy seating area to enjoy our beers.

 The beer is clear, crisp and very tasty no matter which pint you chose; St George's, Lazy days, Slaters refresher and Valour. At the value price of £2.80 on a Saturday afternoon, what better than to visit The Swan and Two Nicks!?